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Under normal circumstances, cryptocurrency presents a myriad of both financial opportunities and unique challenges for relevant stakeholders. When cryptocurrency is involved in a corporate-restructuring matter or other types of business transactions, these challenges are exacerbated, and the stakes are higher.

Stretto’s deep experience in legal, technology, and financial markets provides the foundation from which we confidently step into the cryptocurrency space. We have established ourselves as the trusted partner for the most complex and highly regulated matters that cross our clients’ desks. Cryptocurrency evolves by the minute – but we’re constantly observing what’s next for this space so we can help you see what’s next for your business.

Clients depend on Stretto as a trusted service partner for our commitment to consistently go above-and-beyond to exceed their expectations. Bankruptcy professionals and other fiduciaries value Stretto’s subject-matter experts for anticipating needs and delivering solutions by leveraging proven case-management processes and hands-on experience working on the industry’s most complex engagements involving cryptocurrency.

Our Services

Claims & Noticing Services
Whether it’s a Chapter 11 case involving a cryptocurrency platform or a company with crypto as an asset, Stretto offers claims-administration services including legal noticing, claims management and reconciliation, balloting, preparation of schedules of assets and liabilities, and statements of financial affairs.
Consulting Services
Stretto provides consulting services relating to cryptocurrency, recovery, monetization, and tangential support services.
Custodial Services
Holding cryptocurrency differs from other assets in several ways – most critically, security and recovery. Stretto maintains client segregated accounts stored in hot and cold wallets (not subject to platform failure or breach). Stretto can set its bifurcated password structures to require your consent to every transaction and can establish recovery protocols in case passwords become unavailable.
Disbursement Services
Stretto transfers and disburses cryptocurrency (both fiats and coins) in real time. We minimize risk for holders by enforcing established consensus protocols prior to distributing cryptocurrency assets. We provide detailed transaction reporting and records for all disbursements.
Liquidation Services
When clients are ready to monetize their cryptocurrency assets, Stretto surveys multiple execution platforms to determine the best price and to negotiate a reduction of the “spread” taken by the platforms.

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Stretto understands cryptocurrency challenges can impede case-management efficiency and result in delayed resolution. Our expert team provides a wide variety of cryptocurrency services designed to assist professionals and related parties in successfully navigating procedural obstacles and maximizing asset value.

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