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As a trusted partner, bankruptcy professionals rely on Stretto to facilitate case management. Like the synchronized energy of instruments coming together, we seamlessly integrate streamlined workflows and best-in-class technology while providing the highest level of client service. Our elegant combination of industry talent and powerful tools is the classic song that always delivers on expectations.

Case-Management Experts

At Stretto, we believe experience is the best teacher. We utilize in-depth subject-matter expertise to support our clients by incorporating decades of industry know-how into our multi-faceted solutions. Learn more about our talented group of professionals who add value to every engagement.

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Join Stretto’s talented experts in developing best-in-class processes and robust technology – while having fun along the way!

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A Rich History

Stretto has a long history in the consumer-bankruptcy and corporate-restructuring industries. Building on a rich banking legacy, the company expanded its financial-institution network and grew its internal team to include more members with broader finance, bankruptcy, and fiduciary expertise. Stretto is proud to be a leading services partner to industry professionals.

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  • Legacy in Banking

    Legacy in Banking

    Over the last few decades Stretto has steadily expanded its network of banking partners. Today our clients have access to coast-to-coast financial-services providers.

  • Chapter 7 Leader

    Chapter 7 Leader

    Stretto is pleased to be the market-share leading technology and services partner to both bankruptcy Attorneys and U.S. Panel Trustees.

  • Client-Service Emphasis

    Client-Service Emphasis

    Stretto’s professional level of client service is unparalleled in the bankruptcy industry. Our team of experts go above-and- beyond to meet clients’ unique needs.

  • Dedicated Technology Resources

    Dedicated Technology Resources

    Stretto has invested significant time and financial resources into its best-in-class technology platforms, offering clients robust online tools.

  • Service-Line Expansion

    Service-Line Expansion

    Sitting at the center of the bankruptcy ecosystem, Stretto has expanded its comprehensive suite of bankruptcy services to support a wide range of fiduciaries.

  • Sustained Company Growth

    Sustained Company Growth

    Looking ahead, Stretto is well-positioned for continued growth. Our unique combination of people, processes, and technology offers a complete solution unmatched by other bankruptcy-services providers.





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