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Best Case by Stretto, used to prepare more than 80% of the bankruptcy cases filed nationwide, represents the premier case preparation and filing software for Attorneys and petition preparers. Providing advanced workflows and time-saving features, this best-in-class technology simplifies tasks and eases operational burdens.

Stretto continually updates federal and local forms, as well as IRS and Census Bureau data, to ensure that clients have access to the most current information and remain compliant with court requirements. OneTouch®, the electronic filing feature of Best Case, instantly navigates the court’s website and uploads the filing documents compliant with the local court requirements, while delivering a case number and court receipt. Conveniently, OneTouch® also creates and automates the post-petition filing of Form 423 and the Chapter 13 Plan.

Best Case includes access to the three primary credit report bureaus enabling Attorneys to access and directly import the bureaus’ data into the software. On average, bankruptcy Attorneys save 60 minutes of data entry per case by importing credit report data directly into the Forms and Schedules. In addition to providing credit reports, Best Case allows Attorneys to easily order bankruptcy courses, tax transcripts and other important documents. Our proprietary technology also increases productivity and accuracy with one-of-a kind features enabling Attorneys to submit documents directly to Chapter 7 Trustees.


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Explore the automated workflows and time-saving tools of the industry-leading software, and download a complimentary demo version to enter real client and case data.

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Richard West Law Office

The Richard West Law Office is widely recognized as Southern Ohio’s largest Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm. With nearly two dozen employees in eight offices, the firm has assisted over 30,000 clients.

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