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Stretto’s case-management experts provide insightful perspective and real case examples that demonstrate the value of partnering with Stretto.

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Stretto’s bankruptcy veterans offer expert thoughts on market dynamics, emerging trends, and legislation and other developments that impact fiduciaries and their businesses.

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Stretto offers fiduciaries a myriad of support solutions and best-in-class technology to meet strict state and federal regulatory requirements and complex case demands. Bankruptcy professionals rely on Stretto to handle every facet of case management so they can focus on more substantive aspects of their cases and maximize returns.

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Technology-Driven Law Practice, Roxanna Hipple, founder of Hipple Law P.C., has a clearly defined success strategy – leverage software to maximize operational efficiency and increase productivity. W…

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Veteran Fiduciary Offers Hands-On Management, over 20 years of extensive bankruptcy expertise, David Goodrich is a recognized fiduciary in the Southern California market. Serving as a Chapter 7 U.S. …

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Distinguished Fiduciary Lands Complicated Case With nearly 30 years of significant bankruptcy-industry experience, David Birdsell is a U.S. Chapter 7 Panel Trustee in the District of Arizona. Leveragi…

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Helping Debtors Focus on the Future Crosby & Fox, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been assisting consumer debtors with bankruptcy matters for more than a decade. The firm’s small, but productive, …

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A Perfect Storm of Operational Challenges Hornbeck Offshore Services LLC (Hornbeck) is a leading supplier of marine transportation services, including supply vessels, tankers, and barges, primarily in…

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As Sheppard Legal Services expands its footprint in Georgia, Stretto’s experts will continue to deliver the technology tools and client service that Sheppard has come to expect and rely on.

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