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Carolyn A. Dye

May 31, 2022

Overcoming Daily Operational Challenges

For nearly 30 years, Carolyn A. Dye has served as a bankruptcy attorney and as a Trustee in the Central District of California. A single practitioner with limited staff, Dye is hands-on in the day-to-day operation of her practice.

Her breadth of experience includes everything from performing routine administrative duties such as 341(A) meeting and TFR preparation along with real estate transactions, to managing complex wage and hour claims, closing pension plans, and identifying fraudulent case transfers. In Dye’s own words, “Every day is a new curve to navigate.”

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dye faced numerous personnel challenges that threatened to disrupt business operations and hinder productivity. Looking for a higher level of professional client service and simplified technology solutions, she turned to Stretto.  

Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency

From the onset of the migration and onboarding process to the technology training and daily support, Dye and her staff relied on Stretto’s Client Services Team to facilitate the seamless transition to a new case-management provider.

Stretto provided transparency by accurately communicating timelines for data transfers and deftly managing expectations during the process. This allowed Dye and her staff to plan ahead and work on other case-management requirements outside of the software to remain productive during the transition period. Stretto’s Technology Team assisted with onsite hardware and software installation while migrating data to a new office server which yielded significant cost savings.

With an intuitive Trustee Suite interface and white-glove professional service, Dye was able to focus on more substantive aspects of her practice and rebuild her staff under difficult circumstances. Utilizing the full breadth of Stretto’s support infrastructure resulted in a pleasant experience with minimal disruption to business operations.

Today, Dye’s dedicated Regional Director provides invaluable subject-matter expertise while Stretto’s Banking Services Team assists with complicated financial transactions and reporting. On an ongoing basis, Dye and her team access Trustee Suite tip sheets, user guides, and practical-guidance articles to maximize the benefits of Stretto’s best-in-class technology.

May 31, 2022