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Deposit Management

Stretto understands the critical requirements for a company’s bank partner – competitive rates, rapid account activation, liquidity, and, most importantly, bank safety. We leverage a national network of FDIC-insured and DOJ-approved banks, along with multi-bank integration, to deliver customized solutions that meet unique business needs.

Our expertise spans a wide range of industries and market sectors including real estate, health care, utilities, consumer discretionary, industrials, and non-profit organizations. Stretto’s proprietary platform, purpose-built for fiduciaries, allows clients to view consolidated account balances and transaction activity across all banks where they hold funds. Clients can leverage the financial hub to accomplish important tasks such as initiating wire transfers and viewing up-to-date account summaries, while our financial services experts facilitate direct interactions with our banking partners.

No matter the scale or situation, fiduciaries rely on Stretto to expertly manage their day-to-day financial needs.

Deposit Management


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Stretto delivers centralized balances and activities from all network banks and generates consolidated financial reports. Your data is securely stored on Amazon Web Services, ensuring utmost asset protection and privacy.

■ 1099 / W-2 Reporting
■ Account Reconciliation / Reporting
■ Check / Wire / ACH Disbursements
■ Claim-Payout Calculations
■ Depository Accounts
■ Escrow Accounts
■ Exclusive Bank Contact Access
■ Financial Hub Access
■ Interest Earning Accounts Available
■ Practical Guidance and lnstruction
■ Professional-Level Client Service
■ Rapid Account Activation
■ Regulatory Compliance/Security
■ UST-Approved Bank Partners


Stretto’s team has extensive expertise across a wide breadth of transactions including:

■ Asset Sales / Section 363 Sales
■ Class-Action Settlements
■ Contingency-Planning Efforts
■ Liquidating Trusts
■ Litigation Trusts and Settlements
■ Municipal Bond Issuance
■ Paying Agent
■ Plan of Reorganization Disbursements
■ Professional-Fee Escrows
■ Public-Infrastructure Financing
■ Public / Private Partnership Transactions
■ Revenue and Tax Collection Management
■ Rights Offerings
■ Section 345 Compliance


Stretto provides consolidated account balances and transaction activity across all network banks and produces financial-transaction reports in compliance with state and federal requirements. We offer easily accessible claims-distribution reports as well as live check clearing and outstanding check reports.


Stretto’s Banking Services Team has over 100 years of cumulative financial-institution and bankruptcy-industry experience. Our clients rely on our experts to effectively support their banking needs, allowing them to focus on more substantive aspects of case management and improve productivity.


Stretto leverages its long-established network of UST-approved bank partners to offer fiduciaries a financial institution best suited to meet their specific cash and transaction-management needs.



Stretto provided customized banking and cash and transaction-management services to support the company’s restructuring efforts. Stretto outlined and proposed an effective banking solution that met iHeart’s particular cash and transaction-management needs and worked with the company and its professionals to implement the approach.

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Stretto’s experts develop customized solutions to meet clients’ unique domestic or international cash-management and disbursement needs.

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