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Trustee Administrative Services

Expanded Temporary Support When Trustees Need It Most


On any given day, Chapter 7 Trustees face a myriad of case-management hurdles. From preparing for 341(a) Hearings, Trustee Interim Reports, and reconciling claims to asset management and distribution, regulatory requirements present numerous obstacles. When practices experience staffing challenges or volatility in case volume, these operational factors are exacerbated and greatly impact professionals’ day-to-day productivity.

Stretto Trustee Administrative Services are designed to provide a greater level of support during these difficult times. Comprised of former paralegals and Trustee Administrators, we utilize decades of industry expertise to provide nuanced, yet practical solutions. Our multidisciplinary team leverages best-in-class technology, scale, and streamlined workflows to ease burdens and maximize efficiency.

  • Initial Case Review
  • E-File Post-341 Meeting Results
  • Update Case Status and Memos
  • 341 Meeting Transcription
  • Generate DSO Letters and Mail
  • Comprehensive Case Review
  • Form 1 Maintenance
  • Tax Intercept Submission
  • Claims Review
  • Prepare TFRs, NFRs, and TDRs
  • Review Data/Prepare TIRs
  • Generate Quarterly Reports for Review
  • Audit Compliance

Legal Noticing

Stretto provides the latest deadline for same-day turnaround on overnight packages and messenger deliveries. We offer affidavits/certificates of service, custom-merged data on court forms and document tracking with real-time updates. Operating our own document-production facilities, Stretto collaborates with nationwide providers, ensuring additional data security within our closed network.

  • Decades of case-management expertise
  • Only provider with onsite-document production facility
  • Worked on the industry’s most notable Chapter 11 cases
  • Only provider with deposit-management capabilities

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Comprised of bankruptcy-process veterans and recognized case-management specialists, Stretto’s experts provide the industry’s highest level of client service.

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