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When government-led restitutions in instances of fraud, money laundering and other types of criminal activity pose complex challenges, Stretto offers a multi-faceted approach to recovering assets, identifying creditors, and navigating the claims-reconciliation process. Receivers trust Stretto’s subject-matter expertise and robust technology platform to support their unique case-management needs.

We provide proprietary software that allows receivers to streamline workflow and manage online processes such as organizing documents, as well as creating, customizing and submitting reports to comply with regulatory requirements. Clients can view banking history including activity confirmation and other pertinent banking activities. Stretto-powered receivers manage accounts anywhere at any time with online access to balances, transactions, and statements.

Along with intuitive technology and streamlined processes, Stretto assigns a Director for each engagement who has specialized expertise in the requirements and rules of government-appointed receiverships. These Directors assist clients with day-to-day operational needs and establish customized workflows for receivers to ensure best practices for effectively managing concurrent engagements.

Claims Administration

Court-appointed receivers often face a myriad of challenges that can hinder their ability to effectively investigate cases and efficiently distribute recovered assets. These challenges not only impact receivers’ day-to-day operations, but can cause material delays to the recovery and distribution of monies owed to various parties. Stretto’s partnership with receivers includes a multi-faceted approach to alleviating these case-management burdens, allowing receivers to focus on the more substantive aspects of engagements.

  • Bank integrated case-management technology
  • Only provider with deposit-management capabilities
  • National bank partner network

Corporate Management Inc.

Richard M Kipperman, President of Corporate Management Inc., has served as a Panel Trustee in the Southern District of California for over 30 years. Kipperman serves as the court-appointed receiver in a $200 million matter involving a California charter school’s alleged misappropriation of public funds.

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Comprised of bankruptcy-industry veterans and recognized case-management experts, Stretto’s Client Services Team is second to none. Busy professionals value Stretto as a trusted service partner for our responsiveness, attention-to-detail and our unwavering commitment to consistently go above-and-beyond to exceed clients’ expectations.

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