Brian Soper

Managing Director

For nearly 10 years, Brian has overseen the development and expansion of Stretto’s Corporate-Restructuring team. Under his direction, he has streamlined account implementation procedures between Stretto’s banking and client support teams, resulting in higher level service and improved case-administration efficiency. Brian has directed the onboarding, management, and securitization of approximately four billion dollars in estate funds for public and privately held companies in such diverse sectors as energy, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and retail. Clients rely on Brian for his consistent responsiveness and deft approach to identifying solutions to their various banking related needs. Brian serves on the Stretto Executive Management Team, providing thought leadership and guidance on the company’s services geared toward corporate-restructuring attorneys, fiduciaries, and receivers, as well as financial and turnaround advisors. Committed to supporting key industry organizations, he is a member of ABI, TMA, AIRA and NAFER.