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Anthony Facciano

Managing Director

In his role as Managing Director, Anthony is responsible for the successful onboarding of new corporate-restructuring and consumer-bankruptcy engagements. He works with clients to determine individual business needs and identify the appropriate technology and case-management solution to ease operational burdens and improve overall productivity. Fiduciaries rely on Anthony for his ability to foresee potential roadblocks to swift, efficient case resolution. Drawing on essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills, Anthony is especially adept at collaborating with Stretto’s Account Management and Banking Service Teams to assist clients in overcoming these challenges by outlining smart workflows and customizing  processes. Maintaining a consistent dialogue with clients at both industry conferences and Stretto sponsored events, Anthony also works closely with our Product Development Team to relay timely technology needs so platform enhancements can be created and implemented.

Connect with Anthony at or 714.716.1866.


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