Bankruptcy Solutions

Centralized Bankruptcy Partner

For more than 30 years, Stretto has been at the forefront of the Chapter 7 landscape. By pairing industry insights with robust technologies, Stretto continues to provide bankruptcy attorneys and Trustees with unique solutions so they can handle anything that comes their way. By connecting more parts of the bankruptcy lifecycle than any other administrative service provider, Stretto offers the market the only end-to-end, bankruptcy-technology platform.

Unique Industry Solutions

As an industry visionary, Stretto understands that greater process transparency leads to greater overall productivity. Sitting in the center of the bankruptcy ecosystem, Stretto is driving technology integration in case preparation, filing and administration to streamline workflows and improve operational efficiency, enabling busy professionals to focus on the more substantive aspects of their businesses. Delivering best-in-class technology, Best Case by Stretto represents the industry-leading case preparation and filing software for bankruptcy attorneys and Trustee Suite by Stretto offers the most comprehensive case-administration technology for Chapter 7 Trustees.