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For more than 30 years, Stretto has been at the forefront of the Chapter 7 landscape. We understand Attorneys face numerous operational hurdles that impact day-to-day productivity and challenge regulatory compliance resulting in delays and lost revenue. By providing best-in-class technology, streamlined workflows customized for unique needs, integrated online tools to facilitate communication with Trustees and professional-level client service, Stretto helps Attorneys maximize time and cost efficiencies while growing their practices.

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Of Bankruptcy Cases Filed Utilize Best Case

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By connecting more parts of the bankruptcy lifecycle than any other services provider, Stretto offers the only end-to-end, bankruptcy-technology platform, facilitating collaboration and communication between Attorneys and Trustees.

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Best Case

Best Case by Stretto, used to prepare more than 80% of the bankruptcy cases filed nationwide, is the market-leading case-preparation and filing software for Attorneys and petition preparers. Providing automated tools in one convenient interface, our proprietary software simplifies tasks and increases productivity.

Unparalleled Technology Features


A key Best Case feature, this automated tool performs complex calculations enabling Attorneys to easily determine plan payments. Professionals maximize time by customizing treatment classifications and form preferences, simplifying plan calculations so busy professionals can quickly prepare case filings.


Best Case regularly updates Federal and local forms to facilitate compliance with court requirements. The intuitive interface provides the appropriate forms and schedules in the court-specific order for accurate and simplified preparation.


Best Case’s Court Notices & Calendar feature simplifies the CM/ECF process by automatically downloading PACER free looks, auto-populating and syncing bankruptcy events to personal calendars while easily tracking Proofs of Claim.


Stretto’s unique bankruptcy technology allows Attorneys, through our secure and integrated document portal, to submit pertinent case materials to Trustees. This enhanced functionality improves communication and collaboration among case professionals resulting in valuable time savings.


Best Case features a fully integrated, secure, and compliant payment-processing tool, enabling firms to create payment plans, automate client communications, track receivables, and manage transactions in one convenient place within their software.


Best Case enables Attorneys to execute the client-intake process online, eliminating the need for an in-office meeting. Bankruptcy clients easily upload pertinent case documents, such as tax transcripts and paystubs, through a secure portal, streamlining data collection.

OneTouch Filing

Stretto’s electronic-filing technology instantly navigates the court’s website and uploads the proper, correctly-ordered documents while delivering a case number and court receipt. Offering additional time-savings, OneTouch automates post-petition filings.

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Supplemental Services

Stretto offers bankruptcy professionals a wide range of solutions designed to not only facilitate case-preparation and filing, but to streamline their overall business operations. These services and offerings ease process burdens and increase productivity so busy professionals can focus more on their clients and growing their business.


Through Stretto’s professional partners, we provide court-approved courses designed for debtors to help them meet statutory requirements within the Chapter 7 process. These intuitive and easy-to-access classes offer language and payment options to meet your clients’ specific needs and facilitate debtor compliance.


Developed specifically for bankruptcy Attorneys, Credit and Financial Reports provide comprehensive debtor asset and liability data with seamless integration into Stretto’s software. Offering an in-depth view of a debtor’s financial history including asset, liability, liens and judgments, and property valuation in one consolidated report, these offerings improve case-filing accuracy.


Best Case offers access to supplemental income and asset data from reliable sources, including up to four years of IRS tax transcripts and a one-page summary of filing status, exemptions and payments. Locally-licensed real estate agents prepare appraisal overviews including property information, statistics, comparable sales and in-depth valuations.


Stretto provides the latest deadline for same-day turnaround on overnight packages and messenger deliveries. We offer affidavits/certificates of service, custom-merged data on court forms and document tracking with real-time updates. Whether we utilize our own document-production facilities or collaborate with our nationwide partners, Stretto employs strict data-security protocols to protect sensitive case data.


Stretto’s Client Services Team offers unparalleled support for any case-management or software needs. With nationwide dedicated experts, Stretto helps Attorneys maintain business operations and maximize productivity.

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Stretto’s subject-matter experts develop technical guides, online tutorials, live webinars and other useful tools enabling Attorneys and their staff to maximize Best Case’s functionality.

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Best Case regularly posts software updates and enhancements so clients are filing cases with the most up-to-date forms and figures to maintain accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Selected Case Studies

As a trusted services partner, Chapter 7 and 13 Attorneys rely on Stretto’s industry-leading combination of people, processes, and best-in-class technology to ease case-management burdens and increase their operational efficiency. Learn more about real world examples of how Stretto’s wide range of solutions have supported Attorneys’ unique needs.

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Stretto’s bankruptcy-industry veterans offer insightful perspectives on relevant topics that impact Attorneys and their businesses. Our recognized Chapter 7 experts offer thoughts on consumer-bankruptcy trends, pending litigation and legislation, as well as practical guidance on best practices that improve client satisfaction, engagement, and case-management.

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Stretto’s expert team is comprised of former Attorneys, paralegals, financial-services analysts, technology specialists and client-service professionals. With decades of hands-on experience in the bankruptcy industry, Stretto provides nuanced, yet practical guidance, to overcome operational hurdles and ensure professionals are prepared for anything that comes their way.

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