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Corporate Restructuring Professionals

Stretto’s experts work closely with a national network of turnaround advisors to ensure the highest level of client service and seamless case management. We offer a unique combination of deep industry expertise paired with streamlined workflows and best-in-class technology to ensure corporate-restructuring professionals are prepared for anything that comes their way.



Services For Corporate Restructuring Professionals

Stretto offers a full suite of client-support services to the corporate-restructuring community. Turnaround professionals, including Attorneys, financial experts and corporate advisors, rely on Stretto to provide case-management support customized to their specific needs. Whether it’s a start-to-finish claims-administration and noticing solution, or support solely with pre-filing needs, Stretto is your trusted partner, capable of handling every case detail, so that clients can focus on the more substantive aspects of the engagement.

Standard Services

Corporate Restructuring Professionals
Claims Administration
Stretto develops and maintains databases, generates and distributes customized forms and provides real-time updates and reports. We employ robust security protocols, adhering to GDPR, PII and HIPAA, to protect clients’ sensitive data.
Distribution Agent & Escrow Services
Stretto provides customized cash-management and depository solutions to meet clients’ unique needs. We leverage a national network of well capitalized UST-approved bank partners, ensuring compliance and continuity of service.
Post-Confirmation Administration
The complexity of a corporate-restructuring matter doesn’t end after a Plan of Reorganization is confirmed. Leveraging decades of case-management expertise, Stretto collaborates with turnaround advisors to provide case-management support throughout the duration of Chapter 11 cases.
Pre-Filing Consultation
Stretto brings best-in-class technology and a robust, flexible staffing model to every engagement. This approach enables us to staff any matter at a moment’s notice, working quickly and efficiently to provide support.
Schedules & SOFA Preparation
Our case-management team leads complex data-aggregation projects and creates necessary exhibits in support of the Schedules & SOFA process. Utilizing proprietary software, we provide a higher-level of professional service to gather and compile requisite information.
Solicitation, Balloting & Tabulation Services
Deploying the industry’s only cloud-native claims-management platform, Stretto’s e-balloting application scales to meet the most complex matters. The secure portal provides an easy-to-use voting interface and enables certification results.
Corporate Restructuring Professionals

Specialized Consulting Services

Specialized Consulting Services
Call Center Services
Clients deploy Stretto’s Call Center services to track, record and report all inbound and outbound call center activity related to a specific case. Stretto utilizes scripted responses to ensure inquiries are addressed according to case developments.
Communication & Public Relations
Stretto’s team prepares FAQ and client correspondence, including company announcements and press releases. Stretto deploys interactive voice response systems, text messaging, and other broadcast communications to educate creditors on important dates and distribute general case information.
Legal Document Review
Working onsite or remotely, Stretto compiles relevant hard copy and electronic documents and performs a thorough review. We digitize and modernize contract-management processes by creating a contract database with customized structures to categorize documents based on clients’ specific needs.
Legal Noticing
Stretto provides the latest deadline for same-day turnaround on overnight packages and messenger deliveries. We offer affidavits/certificates of service, custom-merged data on court forms and document tracking with real-time updates.
Public Securities Consulting
Stretto’s expert team supports the development of appropriate solicitation procedures and manages the noticing and vote-gathering processes, including interacting with relevant banks, brokers and other agents.
Virtual Data Rooms
Stretto offers an intuitive interface with secure document sharing, permission-based access and file-storage solutions. Our platform is compliant with all major international security certifications, and sensitive data is locked away in secure data centers.
Specialized Consulting Services
Corporate Restructuring Professionals

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Our subject-matter experts work on the industry’s most notable engagements, handling every case-management detail from start-to-finish. Stretto CORE™, our proprietary case-administration portal, enables disbursements as well as manages legal-document preperation and filing services. Stretto works quickly and efficiently resulting in time and cost efficiencies for company stakeholders and maximized returns for creditors.

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Selected Case Studies

Corporate-restructuring experts value Stretto’s deep industry expertise to provide the highest level of professional-level service and case-management services. Busy Attorneys, financial advisors and company executives rely on Stretto to leverage subject-matter expertise and streamlined workflows to maximize efficiency and increase returns to interested parties.

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Recognized as industry veterans, case-management innovators, and trailblazers, Stretto’s experts offer unique insight and nuanced perspective on a wide range of economic and legislative issues impacting the corporate-restructuring community.

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