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Eric Kurtzman

Chief Executive Officer

As co-Chief Executive Officer, Eric directs the growth and expansion strategy for Stretto. Respected as a revolutionary in the bankruptcy industry, he has over 20 years of expertise supporting the development of his long-term vision for the company. Drawing on his unique insight and experience as co-founder of Kurtzman Carson Consultants, Eric works with Stretto’s Chief Integration Officer to conduct risk analysis, evaluate investment potential, and provide guidance to the Board of Directors on investment risk and return. Along with the Chief Operating Officer, he outlines financial, service and development objectives for each business division and establishes metrics to ensure targeted performance goals across multiple service lines are not just met, but exceeded. Leading the company‚Äôs Executive Management Team, Eric is responsible for strengthening the vitality and sustainability of Stretto as a leading bankruptcy-services provider.

Connect with Eric at or 714.716.1841.


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