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After home mortgages, the second largest category of U.S. consumer debt is student loans, yet while the amount of our national student loan debt increases, borrowers’ ability to repay their loans declines. Misinformation and lack of process transparency surrounding the topic dissuades many consumers from seeking relief, learning more about their options, or taking action.

Stretto Default Solutions, built on DMM Portal, offers Attorneys a student loan management tool to help borrowers reduce long-term damage to their credit and achieve financial stability. Attorneys facilitate the process and enable borrowers to understand their options and secure an optimal resolution.

Our proprietary software offers direct insight into clients’ federal student loans, providing a report outlining options for loan consolidation, repayment plans, and loan forgiveness. The secure online portal interfaces with the NSLDS to quickly and accurately evaluate the borrower’s federal student loans and produce a comprehensive analysis. The report provides a detailed overview of the client’s current loans and payment statuses in a format that is easy to review with clients and discuss their options.

The step-by-step wizard-based platform simplifies document preparation and automates custom application preparation, providing an easy-to-use solution law firms can quickly incorporate into their practice’s offerings.

Deposit Management

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Stretto’s experts have deep subject-matter expertise, helping clients navigate and simplify the student loan management process.

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