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Stretto understands the myriad of procedural challenges facing consumer Attorneys and individual debtors as they navigate the bankruptcy process. Despite mortgage loan debt being the largest category of consumer debt, the Bankruptcy Code does not provide for resolution of this debt in bankruptcy, resulting in debtors left to their own devices and with limited resources to resolve their most substantial expense.

Recognizing documentation issues are often the root cause behind loan-modification failures, Stretto Default Solutions, built on DMM Portal, was developed from the ground up with input from key stakeholders – servicers, borrowers, Attorneys, debt counselors, courts, and mediators. With a focus on attention-to-detail and keeping up with the ever-evolving form requirements, Stretto offers practicing Attorneys a customized solution to meet their unique needs and simplify what can be an overwhelming process. Attorneys utilize Stretto’s online platform to prepare a tailored debtor package on their own, or can work with Stretto’s Client Services Team who assists with document preparation, submits on the Attorney’s behalf, and sees the package through to acceptance.

Deposit Management

Stretto’s Default Solutions offers a simple, straightforward process for the preparation of mortgage-modification documents. The wizard-based application guides Attorneys and built-in validation confirms documents are completed and include all required information. The tool ensures the debtor is prepared to engage in loss mitigation before the motion is filed with the Court.


Electronic submission of documents on DMM Portal provides proof of delivery with time/date stamp and real-time status updates. Automatic indexing of documents, as well as document retention and availability, simplifies record keeping. Documents can be downloaded any time by any stakeholder, offering transparency to a complex process.


While over 25 bankruptcy-court divisions currently have loan modification programs in place, Stretto is actively pursuing additional court districts to expand this vital program. Stretto also provides ad hoc motions and orders, allowing Attorneys in non-participating jurisdictions to petition the court to use the DMM Portal even without a formal program. To obtain greater program adoption, we are bringing together industry advocates and subject-matter experts to form Stretto’s Mortgage Modification Advisory Council. The Council is focused on driving awareness of mortgage-modification solutions and gaining court approval to give more homeowners a chance to keep their homes.

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