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KapilaMukamal, LLP

June 08, 2020

Subject-Matter Experts at the Top of Their Game

In 2014, Soneet Kapila and Barry Mukamal formed KapilaMukamal, LLP. With nearly 70 years of combined industry expertise, Kapila and Mukamal assist clients in the areas of insolvency and restructuring, fraud investigations, tax consulting, business valuation, and litigation support.  As sitting members on the Panel of U.S. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees in the Southern District of Florida, Kapila and Mukamal regularly serve in fiduciary roles including Chief Restructuring Officer, Corporate Monitor, Examiner, Chapter 11 Trustee, Liquidating Trustee and Receiver.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, KapilaMukamal has a support staff comprised of paraprofessionals and administrative assistants. Historically, the team handled their own document production, fulfilment and noticing needs. As this robust firm continued to grow its practice, it became apparent that handling print and mail services in-house wasn’t an efficient use of internal resources and that their staff’s time and efforts would be best served assisting their clients.

As a Stretto client, Mukamal and his Trustee Assistant Jazmin Padilla, had the opportunity to visit the company’s Irvine headquarters and tour its onsite, document-production facility which was built specifically for bankruptcy noticing. With an up-close look at Stretto’s state-of-the-art equipment and a better understanding of overall capacity, KapilaMukamal engaged Stretto to support the firm’s legal-noticing needs.

From start-to-finish, the Stretto team has fulfilled the firm’s print orders to exact specifications and has met all deadlines. By sending pricing before each job, KapilaMukamal has budget certainty and can better manage the firm’s expenses for this type of operational-support service. Stretto’s team also processes returned email and handles address changes, ensuring the firm has up-to-date information for all case parties.

For over a year, Stretto has worked closely with KapilaMukamal on mailings for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases. On average, the firm sends Stretto about 20-30 jobs a month, relying on us to handle their legal noticing needs and maximize their own firm’s efficiency.

June 08, 2020