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Stretto is committed to helping bankruptcy professionals overcome their administrative challenges. Clients rely on our multidisciplinary approach to develop and implement solutions designed to maximize operational efficiency and increase productivity. Our case-management experts achieve successful results so fiduciaries can focus on more substantive case aspects.

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As Sheppard Legal Services expands its footprint in Georgia, Stretto’s experts will continue to deliver the technology tools and client service that Sheppard has come to expect and rely on.

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Long-Tenured, Recognized Bankruptcy Expert For over 48 years, Michael F. Dubis, S.C. has specialized in bankruptcy, as well as creditor/debtor representation, banking, large claim collections, State C…

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Solo Practitioner Streamlines Case Management With over 40 years of experience across a variety of legal fields, Christine Shubert primarily focuses on bankruptcy law as a solo practitioner and Truste…

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Distinguished Southeast Bankruptcy Practice The Richard West Law Office is widely recognized as Southern Ohio’s largest Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm. With nearly two dozen employees …

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A Small, But Efficient Trustee Practice With over 40 years of bankruptcy-law experience, John C. Conine serves as a Trustee for the Western District of Louisiana. As he oversees a lean, remote staff,…

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Veteran Receiver Tackles Complex Case Richard M Kipperman, President of Corporate Management Inc., has served as a Panel Trustee in the Southern District of California for over 30 years. He has exten…

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