Trustee Suite by Stretto

Best-in-Class Technology

Trustee Suite by Stretto is a unique blend of best-in-class technology and professional-level client service to provide Chapter 7 Trustees a complete bankruptcy solution. With a wide variety of features and tools, Trustee Suite offers the most comprehensive case-administration technology in the market. From petition to distribution, Trustee Suite provides intuitive navigation and simplified workflows. Our technology enables easy access to cases, documents and customized reports, while dedicated workspaces allow users to toggle back-and-forth between calendars and to-do lists based on daily priorities. Trustee Suite also offers personalized alert panels to best manage court deadlines and remain compliant with state and federal requirements.

Further streamlining the case-administration process, Trustee Suite conveniently downloads, imports and automatically verifies claims and asset information from the court while notifying users of new claims and cases. The software allows Trustees to customize 341(a) prep worksheets and upload and sync 341(a) meeting results. With a secure, integrated-banking platform, Trustee Suite enables clients to easily perform numerous account transactions including opening and closing accounts, creating and printing checks, transferring and wiring funds, and initiating stop payments. The system periodically reconciles accounts to ensure accurate financial statements. Whether it’s day-today administrative and banking functions or 341(a) meeting and Trustee Final Report preparation, Stretto’s proprietary software increases Trustee productivity from start-to-finish in Chapter 7 cases.

400 + Years of Industry Expertise

Stretto brings a multidisciplinary team with extensive subject-matter expertise to its approach to servicing clients. We assign dedicated bankruptcy experts to support Chapter 7 Trustees. As part of this personalized service, our coast-to-coast Regional Directors collaborate with our Banking Services Team to identify an appropriate bank from our UST-approved nationwide network. After careful analysis, Stretto works with each client to identify a banking partner that best meets that client’s specific deposit management needs and service requirements.

As former bankruptcy attorneys and paralegals, trustee administrators, financial services analysts and computer science experts, our dedicated Chapter 7 Client Services Team provides nuanced administrative support and practical guidance to ease administrative burdens and maximize productivity. This team helps clients resolve all matters, from the most routine to the most complex administrative issues, such as multiple debtor distributions, wage claim reconciliation and Warn Act matters. Stretto also offers specialized trustee administrative services such as document production and legal noticing. In addition, Stretto Live, our educational platform, provides Trustees with live training on Trustee Suite, as well as mainstream software programs, while our Regional Directors offer insightful direction on best practices for streamlining processes.