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Scott Barna

President and Chief Integration Officer

In his role as co-President and Chief Integration Officer, Scott is responsible for leading organic and inorganic organizational-optimization opportunities at Stretto. As a trained intelligence officer with extensive expertise overseeing integrations, process improvement, execution, and strategy, Scott has served in senior roles for both the government and the private sector. He has significant experience directing dynamic teams at the highest performance level from field and head office vantage points in pursuit of complex and transformative missions. Fueled by his inherent leadership competencies, as well as his strong analysis and structured implementation skills, Scott has successfully executed critical, international assignments ranging from covert action national security findings to financial-services administration. Prior to joining Stretto, Scott had executive oversight for multiple, regional departments at Computershare including North American vendor management and procurement, as well as the cross-functional operational demand fulfillment division.

Connect with Scott at or 714.716.1842.


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