Kavita Sarma

Vice President, Product Management

As Vice President of Product Management, Kavita oversees a skilled team of product managers and user experience professionals, developing products from concept to end-of-life. She is responsible for managing product development, establishing and refining project priorities as dictated by business objectives, and conducting market analysis. Working closely with the Operations and Technology teams, Kavita defines the future vision for Stretto’s product lines, analyzes business opportunities, and most importantly, specifies and prioritizes client requirements with a focus on operational and time efficiencies. Conducting annual feedback sessions and maintaining key client relationships allows Kavita to glean direct insight into areas for product enhancement or further development. She also collaborates with members of the Marketing and Account Management teams to develop go-to market strategies and refine support offerings. Kavita is a member of the Stretto Executive Management Team and is also a member of IWIRC.