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Jason Bouzos

Manager, Corporate Restructuring

With over 15 years of cumulative experience in the bankruptcy and financial service industries, Jason has outlined nuanced procedures for handling fiduciaries’ case-administration needs. Serving as a Manager, he is tasked with providing day-to-day operational support to the company’s Corporate Restructuring, Receiverships, and Specialty Deposits clients. At the onset of an engagement, Jason facilitates the clients’ onboarding process, ensuring all data is correctly inputted into our software platform and conducting user training sessions. He assists clients with resolving complex claims and maintaining compliance with state and federal reporting requirements. Serving as a liaison between clients and Stretto’s Banking Services Team, he coordinates account activation in a timely manner so restructuring professionals can quickly access their funds and conduct business with minimal interruption. Jason’s clients – as well as his colleagues – value his collaborative approach in identifying and implementing best practices for successful case management.

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