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Stretto Expands Treasury And Cash Management Services

April 08, 2024

IRVINE, Calif., April 9, 2024 – Stretto, a market-leading provider of depository solutions for fiduciaries, has enhanced treasury and cash-management services for a larger range of entities in diverse industries including real estate, healthcare, utilities, consumer discretionary, industrials, and non-profit organizations. With this broadened service line, Stretto utilizes white-glove support to customize banking solutions for all types of companies with a network of FDIC-insured banks.

“Stretto has a proven track record in providing depository solutions for companies undergoing corporate restructuring and understands the critical requirements for a company’s bank partners: competitive rates, rapid account activation, easy access to funds, and – most important – bank security,” said Fred Brown, senior managing director, at Stretto. “We look forward to expanding our treasury and cash-management services across a broader range of entities and organizations.”

Leveraging Stretto Treasury & Cash Management Services, clients have access to an extensive banking network and competitive interest rates, as well as discounted activity fees and maintenance costs. Stretto’s partner banks do not require any term to deposits, which provides clients with full liquidity.

Stretto’s team of banking experts assist clients with operational needs and establish customized workflows to ensure best practices for effectively managing multiple accounts. The company’s in-house banking-support professionals possess specialized funds-management expertise. Stretto assigns a dedicated financial expert to each client, providing in-depth knowledge of rules and requirements for wealth managers and identifying the optimal cash-investment solution based on the client’s objective and appetite for risk.

To support clients’ needs, Stretto utilizes its proprietary platform, financial hub, where clients can view consolidated account balances and transaction activity across all banks where they hold funds. Clients can leverage the financial hub to accomplish important tasks such as initiating wire transfers and viewing up-to-date account summaries.

About Stretto

Stretto delivers a full spectrum of technology tools, case-management services, and depository solutions to fiduciaries. Offering a comprehensive suite of corporate-restructuring and consumer-bankruptcy capabilities along with multi-faceted deposit and disbursement services, Stretto provides an unparalleled portfolio of solutions under the executive leadership of industry veterans Eric Kurtzman and Jonathan Carson. At the center of the bankruptcy ecosystem, Stretto leverages deep-industry expertise and market insights to facilitate every aspect of case and cash management for its corporate-restructuring and consumer-bankruptcy clients, as well as fiduciaries and other industry professionals. For more information about Stretto, visit

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Cristina Terrasini

April 08, 2024