The Pivotal Role of the Bankruptcy Trustee: Will Chapter 7’s Unsung Hero Finally Get a Raise?

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Paving The Way Through Innovation

For more than 30 years, Stretto has been at the forefront of the consumer bankruptcy industry. With a unique blend of best-in-class technology with professional-level client service, Stretto partners with Chaper 7 Trustees to facilitate case administration and increase daily productivity.

Stretto’s proprietary software offers intuitive navigation resulting in simplified workflows. The platform provides easy access to cases, documents and reports while dedicated workspaces allow users to toggle back-and-forth between calendars and to-do lists based on daily priorities. Users customize alert panels to manage deadlines and remain compliant with state and federal requirements. Whether it’s a 341(a) meeting or a Trustee Final Report (TFR), Stretto’s software will help you maximize efficiency.

Regional Directors collaborate with clients as part of the onboarding process to select a banking partner from Stretto’s nationwide network that is best suited to meet deposit-management needs. As former bankruptcy paralegals and trustee administrators with extensive knowledge of the legal framework, our dedicated team of Chapter 7 experts provide nuanced administrative support and practical guidance.

Stretto is committed to advancing the industry and improving our clients’ business operations by offering year-round onsite and online training sessions, as well as regional CLE programs. We cultivate a community amongst our clients, creating opportunities where they can engage fellow Stretto Trustees on regional engagements to expand their nationwide professional network.