Corporate Restructuring

The Budd Company

Case Overview The Budd Company (Budd) was recognized as a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel rail cars, space vehicles, and defense products. Founded in Philadelphia in 1912, Budd was also a major supplier of part components to subsidiaries of General Motors, Ford, Buick, and other car makers in the automobile industry. At its peak, the company […]

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Dendreon Corporation

Case Overview: Bolstered by their laboratory research on cell therapy remedies performed at Stanford University School of Medicine, Edgar Engleman and Samuel Strober started Dendreon Corporation (Dendreon). The biopharmaceutical company based in Seattle, Washington received initial funding from Health Care Ventures and entered the market in 1992. Early clinical results for Provenge, a cell-based cancer […]

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Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation

Case Overview Focused on the domestic acquisition, development, exploitation and exploration of oil and natural gas properties, Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation (Sabine) concentrates its efforts primarily in Texas. Similar to other independent energy producers over the last few years, Houston-based Sabine fell victim to falling energy prices which adversely affected the value of its […]

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