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Michael F. Dubis, S.C.

November 04, 2020

Long-Tenured, Recognized Bankruptcy Expert

For over 50 years, Michael F. Dubis, S.C. has specialized in bankruptcy, as well as creditor/debtor representation, banking, large claim collections, State Court Receivership, municipal, and real estate law. With offices located in Waterford and Tichigan, Wisconsin, Dubis serves as a Chapter 7 U.S. Panel Trustee for the Eastern District of Wisconsin and mediates cases in state and federal courts. He frequently represents other Trustees. Selected as a Super Lawyer in the area of Bankruptcy law for decades, Dubis has also received awards for securing unsecured payments to creditors.

Dubis and his staff understand the importance of simplified operations and their impact on a firm’s productivity and, ultimately, revenue. As a Stretto client for nearly 15 years, Dubis and his team have relied on the company’s Trustee Suite solution to provide best-in-class technology, streamlined processes and professional-level client service. When additional case-management support is needed, Dubis enlists Stretto for its Trustee Administrative Services.

Simplified Case-Management Support

Dubis and his team utilize Stretto’s proprietary software to facilitate all aspects of case management and leverage its intuitive navigation to easily access any pertinent case documents and reports. The firm collaborates effectively using dedicated workspaces to access calendars, to-do lists and staff notes.

Stretto’s Client Services Team provides practical software and hardware support by delivering step-by-step direction to quickly resolve any issues and minimize any disruption to business operations. The continued professionalism of Stretto’s technology experts is one of the main contributors to Dubis being a long-term client.

Offering more extensive, periodic support on more complex needs, Stretto helps prepare Dubis’ firm for external audits. Prior to an audit being performed every three years, Stretto works with staff members to conduct a pre-audit by reviewing and organizing documents to ensure everything is in order. Our Analysts have also assisted Dubis with preparing TFRs.

Whether Trustees need day-to-day, case-management tools or subject-matter experts to assist with complex practice functions, more industry professionals rely on Stretto than other service providers for a full suite of comprehensive bankruptcy solutions.

November 04, 2020