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John C. Conine

August 17, 2020

A Small, But Efficient Trustee Practice

With over 40 years of bankruptcy-law experience, John C. Conine serves as a Trustee for the Western District of Louisiana. As he oversees a lean, remote staff, efficient procedures are crucial to keep pace with his practice’s evolving case-management demands. Conine and his staff rely on Stretto’s Client Services Team to provide day-to-day support and value their subject-matter expertise and bankruptcy process know how to ease operational burdens.

Whether Stretto is offering best practices on routine matters (establishing customized workflows) or responding to critical requests for assistance (urgent software support), Conine’s team trusts Stretto to consistently deliver time-saving solutions.

Understanding Technology’s Role in Productivity

For nearly 15 years, Stretto’s technology experts have maintained the software and hardware in Conine’s office to ensure there are no interruptions to business operations which would negatively impact productivity. After establishing technology systems in multiple locations, Stretto’s Regional Technical Manager recommended a local IT partner to provide additional onsite support when needed. Working closely with this service provider, Stretto also verified strict security protocols were in place to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive client data.

When Conine’s system crashed, Stretto’s team worked quickly over a weekend to get the office back online by restoring years’ worth of communication such as emails, calendar invites, and attachments. They synchronized files, maintaining the same folder structure, replicated previously established workflows and deduped data.

Stretto’s team also conducts monthly training on Trustee Suite, the company’s proprietary technology, as well as instruction on mainstream software programs so Conine’s staff is fully up-to-speed on the functionality of essential online tools.

Conine and his team can focus more on substantive aspects of case-management and growing their practice while Stretto’s multi-disciplinary experts work across departments to provide responsive, comprehensive client support.

August 17, 2020