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Christine C. Shubert

November 04, 2020

Solo Practitioner Streamlines Case Management

With over 40 years of experience across a variety of legal fields, Christine Shubert primarily focuses on bankruptcy law as a solo practitioner and Trustee located in Ocean City, New Jersey. She has handled several complex matters, securing rewards as large as $465 million for creditors. Ms. Shubert understands the importance of maximizing productivity and identifying efficiencies, so she places a high value on effective case-management and a higher level of client-service support.

When Worley & Obetz, a family owned energy firm in Manheim, Pennsylvania, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania due to fraudulent activity by the company’s former CEO, Ms. Shubert was appointed as the Trustee. With $90.1 million in debt, this filing was the second largest fraud case in Lancaster County. While the company faced insurmountable challenges, 200 employees lost their jobs and thousands of customers lost their utility service.

As a Stretto client for over 30 years, Ms. Shubert was confident she could rely on our multi- disciplinary Client Services Team to provide the necessary case-management support a matter of this size and complexity requires.

Customized Solutions for Successful Distribution

After being assigned the case, Ms. Shubert began working with Stretto on the largest, most time-consuming task at hand: processing the thousands of checks that the company received as customers continued to make utility payments for 90 days. Working with her dedicated East Coast-based Regional Director, Ms. Shubert leveraged a customized delivery procedure to securely process hundreds of daily deposits with her assigned bank partner.

To further streamline the case-management process, Stretto’s Client Services Team worked across internal departments, including the industry’s only internal Banking Services Team, to create a customized data-entry system to record the large amount of transactions within Trustee Suite, Stretto’s best-in-class software. With Stretto’s support, Ms. Shubert implemented accurate accounting practices ensuring compliance with all Court and UST requirements. Stretto also regularly provided reports to her accountants and created meeting schedules to accompany detailed case reports which allowed for productive discussions between all relevant parties increasing time efficiencies.

Stretto’s experts worked together seamlessly to develop tailored solutions that not only met the specific needs of this matter, but also delivered valuable time and cost efficiencies to a complex case so Ms. Shubert was able to maintain her busy workload without interruption.

November 04, 2020