Specialty Deposits

Nationwide Bank Network

Stretto recognizes that financial institutions’ procedural requirements can be a burden on clients. The need to quickly open and manage multiple bank accounts results in administrative challenges for fiduciaries who are operating under difficult circumstances. In response, we developed a streamlined approach to meet clients’ unique deposit-management needs.

Our methodology is designed to reduce administrative costs and improve efficiency. By leveraging long-standing partnerships with a diverse national bank network, our team of banking experts determines which bank partner is best suited to meet the needs of a specific engagement. Stretto facilitates seamless account activation and transaction management so clients have immediate access to funds. Client accounts are not subject to term locks and all funds remain liquid. Our bank partners offer competitive interest rates. Stretto’s proprietary technology provides clients with reporting and deposit management functionality while accounts are free from all activity fees, transfer fees, and maintenance costs.

As former personal bankers at global financial institutions, our banking-services team has substantial deposit-management expertise. Working closely with our client-services team, they collaborate to outline operational support based on client needs and priorities. As a valued partner, we develop customized workflows to help clients maximize productivity. Stretto is well-positioned to meet our clients’ diverse deposit-management needs, domestic or international.