George Tsounis

Chief Technology Officer

In his role as Chief Technology Officer, George leverages over 25 years of substantive B2B technology expertise and a long track record of achieving significant results through the skillful creation and execution of strategic department and business-development plans.  George’s previous success in leading the software development of new strategic large-scale and highly-complex technology solutions, as well as the re-engineering of existing platforms, for mid-sized growth-oriented business aligns well with Stretto’s vision for our department’s evolution as we continue to expand operations. He has overseen the transformation of technology departments from de-centralized models to consolidated, efficient and highly cost-effective, shared-service models. He has led teams of over 225 technology professionals including Software Engineering, Information Technology, Data Platforms, Quality Assurance, DevOps, Architecture and Information Security. With a leadership style that is both effective and agile, his comprehensive technical education and extensive knowledge of hardware and software solutions have earned George the respect of his team members and company colleagues across departments.