Corrie Milster

Banking Operations Analyst l

In her role as a Banking Operations Analyst, Corrie provides general support to Stretto’s clients across all divisions – Consumer Bankruptcy, Corporate Restructuring, Receiverships, and Specialty Deposits. Her primary responsibilities include assisting fiduciaries with account activation, wire transfers, ACHs, deposit reconciliations and disbursements. With a genuine passion for providing the highest level of client service, Corrie realizes that any banking issues can greatly disrupt business operations so she goes above-and-beyond to resolve account abnormalities in a swift, efficient manner. She utilizes a tailored, data analytics tool to assess the functionality of the company’s proprietary technology platforms and works with internal teams to compile performance reports and provide meaningful feedback on any necessary software enhancements. Prior to joining Stretto, Corrie served as a Data Analyst at Gateway One Lending and Finance.